Indonesia gives good showing

Our best Performer Steavanus Wihardja Junior Men. got Indonesia’s highest placing at the world champs so far with a 13th in the 500 meters road, with 40 starters, also a solid result from Zarky Rosa 22nd, the placings are one thing, but its who we are beating, that has us punching above our weight. for example Italy 17th & 21st, N.Z. 25th & 38th, Australia 15th & 29th, China 18th & 28th, Japan 30th & 35th, Chinese Taipei 20th, USA 39th. These are all from traditionally strong nations.

In the Junior Girls 500 meters Della Silviana was 16th out of 36 & Denta Kiranasari 27th, following Della were 17th Chinese Taipei, 18th & 19th USA, 20th Mexico, 21st Italy, Japan 29th & 34th, Australia 28th & 30th.

Junior mens 20,000 Elimination 47 starters, Oky Andrianto 31st & Steavanus Whihardja 36th, Oky beat off 2 China, 2 N.Z., 2 Austraia, 2 South Africa, 2 Iran & 2 China. 2 Pakistan, 2 Japan, I hong Kong, 1 India.

Junior Ladies 20,000 Elimination 41 starters another solid result from Della Silviana 26th & Sheilla Dewi 38th. ( Both are bascally sprinters, but here to gain exprience, so we put our 2 allowable in all events.)

Senior Ladies 10,000 Points Road 29 starters Sylvia 25th & Melati 28th, still struggling to get a result in ladies, ( but few weaker countries entered in the ladies )

Senior Mens 10,000 points road, 49 starters Allan Moedjion 34th & Johanus Wihardja 39th, our faster mens sprinters to see if they could hang on to the group longer, as the pace very fast.

Considering we do not have a World class track & not used to maintaining such High speeds & our lack of experienced world competitors, I consider our results acceptable.

A very good factor is our top two Juniors, Della still has two years to go in Junior & Steavanus another 1 year.

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