How the Mighty have Fallen

Well for decades they Ruled, but like the Roman Empire they self Destucted, then USA was also up there ruling the World, but like there economy, they have crumled away, to see these two Former heavy weights humbled by not only Colombia, but Korea & Chinese Taipei also is nearly criminal. Italy 9th on the medal Table & USA 13th, 7 medals between them 1 gold & 6 Bronze, how the mighty have fallen
Well some brainwashed people living in the past, Europe is still the place to race, O/K 3 Pista, Gross Gera & Heerde good races. You looking for the toughest opposition look elsewhere. 44 gold medals 22 to South America, 18 to Asia, 3 to Europe & 1 to Oceania Europe 23 medals, but 15 Bronze only, saved by Bart Swings & two other high High Flyers Yann Guyader & Fabio Francolini

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