Indonesia Asian Comparisons.

Johanus Lunge

Apart from The Juniors Johanus Wihardja & Allan Moedjiono featured in the middle of the mens group in the 200 T/T road,

In there first ever serious attack on the World championships with 3 Junior Men & Women & 5 Senior Men & Women Indonesia sent 16 of the 26 members in the Squad from which the SEA (South East Asian ) Games team will be selected for the Games in Palembang Indonesia commencing the 11th November.

The other 10 members of the squad will compete in the WIC in Haining China, 5th October, along with ISA Workshop & races on the 6th & 7th of October, followed by pre SEA games competion in Kiang Stadium in Kuala Lumpa Malaysia against 12 N.Z. skaters & other South East Asian skaters. These skaters will gain valuable experience & will compete on the 15th & 16th October against N.Z. skaters, hopefully on the new games cources a 200 meter Bank Track & 400 meter road cource in Palembang, for a final selection trial.

I have always had the feeling that Indonesia with so many sililarities to Colombia, had the potential in the future to develope into a new world Speedskating Superpower, has proven to be more than a pipe dream.

3 Junior men having their first outing at the World champs proved that Indonesia could walk the talk, with the initial results mixed up & Indonesia left completely off, it was not easy to get a full handle on just where thr team stood.

But take out the two Asian Superpowers who were number 2 & 3 to the Akk Conqueering Colombians, in the very competitive Junior Boys grade, Indonesia beat all the other Asian countries, plus their Oceania neighbours, a very impressive first up showing of Indonesian Juniors at the World championships. The recently held belief that China was in the Big 3 in Asian speed skating could be short lived, if Indonesia continues to get Government support..

With no proper facilities to train on pre Worlds & the team arriving after 24 hours travel only 3 hours before racing started & no track practice whatsoever, its a top performance.

For the record Junior Mens Track & Road, Indonesia & Asia countries & Oceania Neighbours

263 pts Indonesia.

246 pts China.

226 pts Iran.

225 pts India.

195 pts New Zealand.

178 pts Australia

163 pts Japan.


The position of Iran & India could possibly change, once the Indonesian results are added to the official list, as only 1 point difference.

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