2nd to 4th New Zealand open road racing open Championships Levels raceway Timaru.

5th to 7th New Zealand open Indoor 100 meter track championships Aorangi Stadium Timaru.

9th to 12th ” Tour of Timaru ” International 12 stage tour on Road & Bank track, 4 sprint, 4 middle distance & 4 long distance for open men Grade & also open Womens grade.

15th to 21st Australian Open Championships Adelaide.

22nd Australian Open Marathon Champs Adelaide.

29th New Zealand Open Marathon Champs Palmerston North.


4th & 5th New Zealand open Bank track championships Blenheim.

25 & 26th South Canterbury open Championship. Timaru.


10th & 11th Canterbury Open bank track championships Christchurch.

24th & 25th South Island open Bank Track Championships.


5th & 6th Oceania Open Speed Championships Official practice days Banked Track Timaru.

8th to 10th Oceania Open Speed Championships Bank Track Timaru.

11th Rest Day Oceania Champs.

12th Oceania Open Championship Marathon

23rd to 30th Namwon Open Korea ( Top Tough Competition comparable to World standard for seniors & Junior World age groups )


27th WIC INCHEON ? ( Usually around this Date or the Following weekend 3rd June.


9th 10th & 11th or 16th, 17th & 18th SEA Championships Junior & Senior ( KIANG STADIUM Kuala Lumpa Malaysia would be good venue, as Indonesia OSEAN Club Champs )


7th AIC / WIC Marathon Indonesia

9th to 12th OSEAN ( SOUTH EAST ASIA / OCEANIA ) OPEN Club Championships INDONESIA all grades ( Venue to be decided ISA Working on this & ask Interest from Clubs )

14th Races KIANG stadium K.L.

15th AIC / WIC Marathon Malaysia ( Possibly Patrajaya )


25th to 31st Possible dates World Champs Italty ?


1st to 8th Possible Dates Worlds Italy. ?

30th Jeonju WIC Marathon Korea ( Likely to be within a week timespan of Haining to attract overseas entrants ) ?


3rd to 8th Possible Time span for Haining WIC ?

7th Jeonju other possible date.?


1/ OCEANIA Open Championships

a) Age grades turn age in year of competition Cadet 12, 13 & 14 years, Junior 15, 16, 17, 18 & 19 years, Senior 20 plus. Masters option 30 & over, 40 & Over.

b) For Cadet & Junior age groups each Nation is restricted to 12 maximum competitors.

c) The skaters must have a passport of their country & permi9ssion from their National body to compete in the Championships, but are open to any nation.

d) The races will be held on the new 200 meter International specification Timaru track & the 42 km Marathon on the 2.2 km Levels car race circuit, both at Timaru City.

e) If somesmall numbers comming from a country without a big team Billetts can probably be arranged.

2/ SEA CHAMPIONSHIPS ( South East Asia )

a) With the problems some countries faced with their NOC to get approval for the SEA Games, its imperative these championships are held annually.

b) To develope the standard it needs to be like European championships where each country can have 3 entrants per event, to have numbers & gain experience.

c) This can provide a good stepping stone with the varying standards eg National champs, SEA Champs, Oceania Champs, Asian Champs & World Champs.

d) Already we have held an International event at KIANG stadium Kuala Lumpa Malaysia on the 400 meter track & this is of acceptable standard for such an event, plus they also have
some official support, so are ready to move ahead. And Indonesia have a major International with the SEA / Oceania club Championships.

e) A mid June date would fit in Ideal for these Championships.

f) The ISA & two of its principles Eddie Chua & Myself have put a lot of time & thought into this, discussing with most of the countries involved & the ISA will help get these annual
championships formed & under way.

3/ OSEAN CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS ( Oceanic / South East Asia )

a) Oceania needs the South East Asian standard to lift as has Indonesia, as they need the Competition & South East Asia needs Oceania, as both regions have a serious lack of top
level competition & the opportunities in Europe are drying up.

b) The Gap between the South Americans along with Chinese Taipei & Korea is getting wider at junior level, as in Korea & Colombia in particular the standard of the competition on
home soil is very intense & unless we create likewise the gap will only widen.

c) This will give many skaters the opportunity to compete against top International competition & gain valuable experience.

d) Maximum 3 per club per event, no restiction on total number in grade for team ( If Marathon held no Restiction on numbers per club )

e) Grades same as Oceania Cadet 14 & under, Junior 15 & over, Senior 20 & Over, Masters A 30 & over, Masters B 40 & over.

f) Events senior & Junior either track 300 T/T , 500, 1,000, 5,000 points, 10,000 Elimination, 3,000 meters relay.

If Road 200 T/T, 500, 1,500, 5,000 points, 10,000 meters Elimination, 5,000 meters relay.

g) With the number of grades to cut down the distance of the points & Elimination races, so its not boring & can be fitted in ( a marathon an optional event )

h) The top 12 Finishers in each race will will gain points for their clubs eg 1st 20pts , 2nd 15pts, 3rd 12 pts, 4th 10 pts, 5th 8 pts, then 7, 6, 5, 4, 3,2 & 1 pts.

I) This unique competition will recognize the top clubs in each division Male, Female also combined Combined sex divisions with trophies, then the supreme overall awards,
Top Female club, Top Male Club, Then the Big award the OSEAN Club Champion Club.

J) Often recognition at club levels is overlooked & this competition will provide top competition for the individuals, but reward & recognize the successfull clubs.

K) The ISA will work in helping promote this event & it would be nice to have in Palembang on the new Facilities built for the SEA games, but another strong regions with clubs may
well provide better arrangements & need to show an interest, if they have facilities to do so.

L) A $200 USA entry fee per club & the entry fee money & sponsorship money, go towards the successfull clubs.


a) The AIC in conjunction with the ISA ( International Skating Academy have the rights to hold a series of minor level WIC marathons in Asia & Oceania, we have suggested two dates for Malaysia & Indonesia, which will hopefully attract a number of overseas skaters in South East Asia at the time.

b) There is a $3,000 USA hosting Fee to hold this event, that will have WIC status recognition. This is payable through the AIC.

c) Prize money is prefered but not mandatory.

d) A club, region or country can apply to hold an AIC event, for details please contact Bill Begg – or Eddie Chua –


As one who has studied the World of speed skating, we have to put together some top competitions in the South East Asia Oceania region. 2012 is the launching pad to follow up on the SEA games & with new International size design 200 meter tracks in Palembang Indonesia & Timaru New Zealand the time is right, plus Politicians in Vietnam & Malaysia in Particular have shown a Willingness & Interest to help develope the sport & provide support.
The ISA has a mandate to create 1,000 new coaches with ISA accreditation in South East Asia Oceania within the next 2 years, to help support the growth of competitive skaters.

If you receive this & some important date in your country is missing, please include it highlighted & return Back to me please. Myself & the ISA have kicked the ball off, its up to others to grab it & run with it.

All the Best

Bill Begg

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