Big incentives for SEA games for Indonesia

Well we hear of big money for Asian games gold medals, It seems to be the that you need to belong to an Asian country in this day & age, as governments are prepared to pay out big money for gold medals in sport.

There are 12 Gold medals up for grabs at the SEA games, for the Indonesian speed team, that is around $20,000 or $22,000 USA. for each gold.

So there should not be to many problems getting the skaters motivated, as long as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore or Virtnam are not offering bigger incentives

The Games get underway on the 12th November in Palembang a city of 1.7 Million people.

Its great for skaters to be treated like Royalty, the 26 skaters & 6 officials arrived at Palembang airport to be greated by mr Paulus Pasternay the godfather of Indonesian sport who meat team Manager My ADI & SEA games Skating Campaign Chief Tara & took us to a VIP lounge with comfortable seats & nice chilled water.

But the next luxoury was something I have never encountered before, while we sat relaxed & chilled out, SEA games officials had all our bag numbers & had collected all our baggage & outside onto the Bus.

Just had a short skate on the track today & good to see they have acid etched some patches that were shinney & slippery, but one week to go & the road is unskateable, the bitumen is shocking & still soft in the extreme heat. Indonesian President mr Wimbo & Tara met with the contractors today & work starts on monday for a hopefull solution.& not only the track walls fully done with clear perspex, but a complete overkill, with the entire 400 meter road circuit surrounds done with perspex as well.

The safety concerns & taking back the track to the full 6.3 meters has been achieved, so looking good with the modern building, just now waiting on the Road to be completed up to scratch & ready in time, its a case of all fingers & toes crossed.


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