Big INDONESIA Skaters Payday

Today in Indonesia, one of the biggest days in Speed Skating World History, A Government handing out winning SEA games Bonuses to Skaters & Coaches, in the vicinity of Half a Million USA $. The 20 Sea games Skaters will share out a Pool of someting like $400,000 USA. the 6 non skating reserves, will also pick up a couple of Thousand each & 4 coaches will share a coaches pool, of somewhere around $80,000 USA. Great for a person like Afandi, driving a Taxi for $170 USA a month, around $2,000 per year, $20,000 would be the equivillent of 10 years wages, in a country where $1,800 is the the GPI index. Hope that everyone comes away happy. The great Morbondingo & Jubleah & all others should, the sliding scale % was worked out before the games, with World, Namwon & Haining performances ranking high, along with Attitude & attendance at camp & training performances.

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