FINISHED ! FINISHED ! FINISHED ! Our new 200 meter track with an extra bonus of 100 mm thick Bitumen on Bank track bends, instead of usual 30 mm.
Looking good & this is one track, that the corners will play a big part in. Most Flat banking tracks have provided some bland racing, due to everything around the bottom line, with one racing line, this will most likely allow for some skill element & not just power.
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Emma Prestidge might have to cruise down on the mtb tomorrow and have a wee look!
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Bill Begg Yes Emma looking real good
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Andrew Hegarty Congrats Bill! I’ve been following the progress and it’s been fantastic to watch.
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Craig Domigan Awesome, might have to vet my skates out haha
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Bill Begg
Hi Chin -Lung Huang, have to bring some of your skaters over, for the “Tour of Timaru” 9th to 12th January, or Oceania Champs April, 6th & 7th Official practice, 8th, 9th & 10th Official racing on new Timaru Bank track 11th rest day, 12th A…See More
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Maree Lowen At long last! Now the hard work starts tidying up the grounds and getting ready for some public sessions again.
7 minutes ago · Like
Bill Begg Yes Fulton Hogan will be down to tidy up some very minor blemishes & wash off a few muddy footprints etc. the center has firmed up nicely everyone is eager to get on the track, but first off may have to settle on the center, which has a day & a half more curing.
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Bill Begg Yes Andrew, need some Canadians over for Oceania Champs or Tour of Timaru & N.Z. champs are all open events. Yes Dom relive your mispent youth mate.

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