Well one will be here to race Danniele Buttsworth a Teamate along with Lee Hollis when Cheryl won the 3,000 meters in Belguim in 1981. Danniele will be over from Sydney, will one of the Beggsters line up, thats the Burning Question?

Danniele, Cheryl & Lee 1981 Belguim 3,000 World Title

Preliminay Quad Programme.

Monday the 9th Lake Tekapo Rink 120 meter track 1,500 meters, Road Hill Climb 1,000 meters first 500 gentle last 500 Uphill ( Special for Craig Moore )
Road a little rough for longer Quad races.
Tuesday 10th Waimate Morning 1,600 meters on 400 meter track, Followed by BBQ Lunch Waimate Van Der Heyden Farm, Bank track afternoon 300 meters Time trial, evening 5,000 Time Meters. Wednesday 11th Flying 200 meters T/T, 5,000 pts afternoon & early evening 2,000 meters Steeplechase, Mainland Breweries property & after social gathering.
Thursday 12th, Morning 10,000, afternoon 500, ( Colin I think gets away early Thursday, so have the 10,000 before he goes, but finish early Thursday for the Quads, so they can relax & enjoy the Evening.

Preliminary programme A grade men & Women, “Tour of Timaru”

Will the top Indonesian sprinter Allan Chandra alias Morebongingo Line up in Tour

Monday 9th January Lake Tekapo 500, 3,500 & 1,000 Hillclimb road.
Tuesday morning 10th Waimate 10,000 Pts / Elimination Lunch BBQ Waimate Vav der Heyden Farm Waimate, afternoon Bank Track 1,000 meters, evening 300 meters Time Trials. Wednesday the 11th Bank Track morning Flying 200 meters Time Trial, 10,000 pts afternoon, early evening 5,000 meters steeplechase Obstacle race, Mainland Breweries property, plus after function.
Thursday 12th Afternoon 500 & 1,500 heats, early evening Finals & then 20.000 elimination. B, C, D, E & Quads will be similar but adjusted events & some only 2 per day for youngsters.

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