ISA Timaru Home team South Canterbury Win

New Zealand Championships Held in Timaru South Canterbury January 2nd to 4th road, 5th, 6th & 7th January Indoor 100 meter track.

Top Photo Leah McDonald N.Z. Juvinile road 200 T/T Champion on Full X-TECH gear, Boots plates & MPC wheels, made an impact at her first Nationals & chosen for new Cadet grade N.Z. team for Oceania champs.

Action Photo young star Ella Benson leads Mikayla Crozier 2011 “Tour of Timaru ” & Bottom a happy Ella, with Leah’s older brother & fellow Cadet team member Guy in the background, lacing up his boots.

Road 52 Titles Primary under 9 years, Juvinile under 12 years, Junior under 15 years, Intermediate under 18 years, Senior over 18, Senior B over 18, but under 30, Masters + 30, + 40

18 South Canterbury Based at Timaru.
7 Wanganui.
7 Kapiti
7 Mt.Wellington Based in Auckland.
4 Christchurch
4 Manawatu Based in Palmerston North.
4 VISS Based in Hutt Valley, part of greater Wellington.
1 Blenheim.

Indoor 100 meter Track Titles 62

13 Mt. Wellington
9 South Canterbury
7 Wanganui
6 Manawatu
6 Christchurch
5 Kapiti.

For the first time in two decades a South Island club won the speed overall, with South Canterbury based at Timaru, having a first ever home championships winning the Overall top Speed Club for the first time. Also the overall combined Artistic & SpNew N.Z. Grade records 200 T/T roadeed points trophy.

South Canterbury out of the 92 events, 76 Individual & 16 relay events won 27 Gold, 28 Silver & 33 Bronze medals

Individual Titles South Canterbury Skaters.

Ella Benson Primary Girls 6 Titles 3 track & 3 Road. N.Z. grade records 200 T/T road 23.948 was previously 24.832, & 500 road 59.38 sec was previously 1.06.86

Leah McDonald Juvinile Girls 1 Title

Jan Kuepper Juvinile Boys 3 Titles

Nick Frame Juvinile Boys 2 Titles.

Dahna Penty Junior Girls 2 Titles. N.Z. grade record 500 meter road 48.741 sec,was previously 50.54 sec.

Analiese Le Roy Junior Girls 1 title. N.Z. Grade record 1,000 meters 1.47.132 was 1min 48.485, also 5,000 meter points road ( new event )

Emily van der Heyden Intermediate Ladies 3 titles.

Samantha Michael Senior Ladies 5 titles.

Relay 100 meter track Ladies pairs, Samantha Michael & Emily van der Heyden.

Relay 100 meter track Junior Mixed Fours, Analiese Le Roy, Leah McDonald, Guy McDonald, Jan Kuepper.

Relay Road Senior Ladies, Marie Kuepper, Emily van der Heyden, Samantha Michael.

Relay Road Junior Boys, Finley O’Connor, Jan Kuepper, Nick Frame, ( Record new event

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