Michael Wins in Colombia & N.Z. Champs

Hi Big win for Peter Michael in Colombia at the weekend winning the track elimination. While world Teamate Scott Arlidge was giving the rest of the N.Z. men a skating lession winning the 1,000, 10,000 Points Elimination & 15,000 Elimination at the N.Z. champs. With the top International N.Z. men competing at the national championships becomming a rareity, it was good to see Scott present & showing some real speed skating.

In the absence of Peters Sister Samantha & Nicole Begg Stephanie Challis was the outstanding senior ladies competitor, she won all but the senior 300 T/T which went to Renee Nyman, but Jessica Van Bentum, Emily van der Heyden & Indonesian Sheilla Dewi Intermediate all went faster, plus the Juniors Judah Kelley & Dahna Penty.
The 5 Indonesian skaters on ISA skating Scholarships had a victory in the ladies relay with Devina Pramudita, Adinia Rizkayanti & Sheilla Dewi beating the Wanganui & South Canterbury teams, Pramadita was 2nd in both the senior ladies 500 & 1,000 meters, while Dewi was 3rd in the 300 T/T, 500 & 1,000 behind the two top Intermedeiates Emily van der Heyden & Jessicca van Bentum.
Nikko Amrullah was 3rd in the Intermediate mens Time Trial, then put in an impressive performance in the open mens 15,000 Elimination finishing 5th, after elimination world skaters Kierryn Hughes & Mark MacDonald, when going into the final bend, he looked like the one to be eliminated. Aldy Rahardja raced well, but was short on speed & will be working on this while in N.Z.

On the small slow track Ollie Jones got a new 1,000 meter record when Indonesian Nikko Amrullah took off like a Rocket & Jones had to go hard after him to reel him in & it took the sting out of Sprinter Josh Whyte & the tough Jones took the Title, the youngster also made many attacks on Scott Arlidge in the opens & will never be left asking the Question.

Timaru based South Canterbury club Primary Ella Benson the only skater to take out a Time trial record at the national road champs, on a slow course. was looking for another record, after missing both the 300 T/T & 1,000 records by small margins she was back in Business taking 3.27 off the old 2008 record.
Olyvia Mayhew Hutt Valley finally got rid of an old Juvinile girls record, that somehow had survived since 1987 Quad days.

Antony Nalder took out the mens 300 T/T & 500 races & threw a pass in the last corner on Scott Arlidge in the 15,000 Elimination, but Arlige dropped back past out of the turn, but a good effort from the sprinter, who is fronting up allround, after winning the marathon National title the week before.

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