Timaru Club N.Z. Pleasing Developement progress

Personally I am very pleased & proud of the progress of our Timaru based Cadet team, with both the skaters & their parents.

With first time up & uniforms & having to stay in Camp, it is a very expensive exercise, so thanks to the parents for supporting all their Children chosen for the Oceania team, all the young skaters in our club chosen, now have the chance to fulfill their first stepping stone dream & proudly wear the silver fern. So congratulations to the families Juniors & senior Le Roy, McDonald, Smith, Autridge Patrick, Frame, O’Connor, Oldfield, Lowen & McCormack. and good to see Boudine Brown & Renee Hewitt who missed this year, but sure to make the team next year, out there working on there Technical form.
We set out a tougher training schedule & all the cadets have responded, putting in the time & effort needed & all are possible individual medal contenders.
So its a big effort from all, the coaches, the club Officials & parents & I am sure like myself, they are all very proud of you all.
We are almost there & right into the main peaking Cycle training now, so do not go out doing more tough stung, as at this stage more is not better and as you start to do less & become energetic, do not find other avenues to waste it on, you will need that for Oceania champs.
With 6 of the 10 girls & 4 of the 5 Boys in the Oceania team, this will set a good foundation for the future, with 3 of the other girls close by in the South Island & the other boy also.
After years of traveling to the North Island, its a sad day when only 1 of the 15 Cadets in the N.Z. team is based in the North Island.
So lets see who really want to taste success, as we enter the final phase of training for Oceania’s
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