The  first major inter club meet for speed skaters was held on Sunday in Kuala Lumpa Malaysia, with around 80 participants, while low in numbers of youngsters on correct speed equipment, it was very high on enthusiasm as some very fast youngsters were on show. Number one in the world for Badminton, there were plenty of young skaters displaying a big percentage of fast Twitch muscle fibre & a number of very exciting youngsters 7 year old Danny TTS K8 club & son of club coach Dino flew out of the start line like a bolt of lightning,  6 year old girll Ain was also very good, along with Ethan Ng Jia LE from Skateline 8 years old Amen 12 from TTS K8 was also promising. While 18 year old Subinah Biha from Langkawi Island showed plenty of promise. Hats off to all the senior speed skaters who organized & run the event, while they needed to be racing themselves, they had to step in, till other non competitors can be educated to run events, but a good first off start for Malaysian speed & with ISA coaching sources & Sports ministry officials in Attendance Malaysian president Idroose & his team were able to make an impact.Image

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