Nicole Full Flight purple

The “TOUR OF TIMARU” gets underway on the 24th January, with a strong women’s field led by 2012 World Junior representatives Emily van der Heyden & Stephanie Challis. The 3 Slovakian girls Martina Karabova, Radka Goliasova & the well performed Veronika Servatkova, who gained 3 Silver medals at the N.Z. Champs behind star Judah Kelly.

 With other top skaters Including Kelly, Jessica Van Bentum, Rebecca Smith, Analiese Le Roy, Dahna Penty, Cassidy Oldfield, Laura & Marie Kuepper, Cailee Autridge Patrick, Maddison Hutton & the very tough & well performed young skater Tyla Smith, but the Interest will focus on X-TECH MPC International star Nicole Begg, who is entered after 15 months of total In-activity after a serious nervous system problem, it will be only 1 month after she can breath again properly, that she will line up for some of the events, but indications are, that in the sprints she will be very competitive.

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