Future Stars

THE PAST IS THE PAST,     TODAY IS TODAY,   THE FUTURE IS THE FUTURE.Emily StillAnaliese stillElla Benson 6 Titles, 2 records & outstanding speed awardCassidy Oldfield A newcomer at N.Z. champsCharli Nevin  a Primary contendor for the Primary Girls Long Racesleah McDonald a leading contendor for Juvinile N.Z. champs

Some of the Timaru based New Zealand South Canterbury Roller skating club team members, Top to bottom, Emily van der Heyden won all the Intermediate grade ladies N.Z. road titles over 200 T/T, 500 & 1,000 meters for the 2nd year, before moving up to senior grade in N.Z. an X-TECH WHEELZ team member.
Analiese Le Roy Current Oceania Cadet Marathon Champion, a prominent Junior placegetter at National champs and also an X-TECH WHEELZ team member.
Ella Benson last year as a primary she slaughtered most the records, winning the 200T/T by 3 sec. This year at 9years competing against up to 12 year olds she won the Juvinile Road T/T.
Cassidy Oldfield a relatively new skater picking up T/T national medal & gold in Relay.
Charli Nevin silver medalist last year in Primary & favorite to win gold this year, but a kick in the face & crash prevented her from having the opportunity of fulfilling her dreams.
Leah McDonald back on the comeback trail after being N.Z. Juvinile 200T/T road champion the previous year, just some of the 50 competitive speed skaters in the club.

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