Peter Michael World Games

X-TECH MPC International skater Peter Michael, the flying Kiwi based in Cali Colombia, is getting plenty of attention from the press, leading up to the World Games. Peter will be wanting to emulate his two World Gold Medals & one bronze on the track, at last years World Champs in Italy.Image


Peter Michael compete for his country but his heart is in Cali, where they conquered his heart.

In the 2013 World Games in Cali that start on Thursday at the Pascual Guerrero parade 24 athletes from New Zealand, who made a 20 hours to be in the global event.
Among them will be Peter Michael, 24, who started in the world of skating at 8. He holds eight world records, four of them as a junior and four for the elderly, in various forms, such as 1,000, 10,000 and 15,000 feet, and the 42 miles of the marathon.
It is the only country that will be in his skating, but his heart gives to both countries. In 2011 came to Cali skating rinks looking for a special training and a strong competitive level, as part of their preparation for the world of that discipline in Korea.
That was between January and April, but about to leave, one Cali, Karen Gonzalez, won his heart. He returned in October of that year to stay with her.
Therefore, this lanky skater early bird at 4:30 to climb 18 kilometer bike as part of their training, rest a while and then goes out to train the skating rink Luz Mery Tristan, in a daily routine of six hours, has all the love for their country and the heart in Cali, where you will complete two years alongside Karen, with whom he shares a love of skating.
She practiced six years, but left the sport to pursue his studies in Social Communication.
“It was something that only you understand, is a special love, two people who know two distant countries, she has everything, nice, helps me a lot,” says Peter in Spanish tangled and adds that she loves pork, fruits and climate of Cali and the friendliness of its people.
Karen understands the discipline and care should take him as elite athlete. She. who has served as a judge on skating. gives his advice, that serves, as well as instructions from their coach Alex Gonzalez and Luz Mery Tristan guide, the athlete who gave so many glories the country.
These days he is happy with the visit of his parents John and Gloria Michael and misses his sister Samantha who could not come for cycling commitments.
His parents say it is very sad to have him so far, but understand that in Cali has the conditions for training. The only ice rink in the country is in a distant city and where do you happen to reside in a parking.
Luz Mery Tristan notes that “we are world champions because they have a foolproof discipline, desire, dedication, and their pain threshold is very high. Peter is a disciplined athlete too, dreams of their gold medals. It is very difficult to compete globally only, no equipment, he has done and so the first places “.
And as a couple highlights that Karen “is a girl not only beautiful but has a human quality is spectacular and intelligent, and Peter-adds-is simple, something unusual, because many believe that a gold medal is more than the other people and he has a lot of charisma. “
In the World Games, skating runs from July 31 to August 4. Peter has his heart in two countries and also Karen. She wants to Colombia reach many medals, but as always first want to see Peter.
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