X-TECH MPC International Stars Top

X-TECH MPC International Stars Top

Release for N.Z. Bank Track championships, After X-TECH MPC Wheels have dominated N.Z. road champs & very prominent Indoors, we have the Bank Track champs now.
Two New Zealand World Superstars Michael & Begg on the same programme.

The New Zealand Inline Speed Skating Championships in Timaru on the 15th & 16th February will see two N.Z. Superstars & a host of International skaters competing.

The South Canterbury club has dominated the N.Z. Scene almost winning half of the N.Z. titles after collecting 49 of the 104 N.Z.Indoor & road titles in Auckland in January. So the other N.Z. skaters & International skaters from Australia, Slovakia, Switzerland & Germany will be entering the Hot Bed of Speed skating.

Peter Michael winner of the World 15,000 meter track Elimination title in 2011 Korea, 2012 Italy & 2013 Belguim, plus holding the current World record. Peter was the only N.Z. sports person in any sport to win a gold medal at this years World games in Cali. To add to his impressive record he has also won the 1,000 meters in 2012 & anchored the Relay N.Z. team to gold in Colombia in 2010, prior to this he won 4 Junior world titles.

He was a finalist in this years Halberg awards but did not make the grand final selections, with the big Bias to Rugby & Olympic sports.

Nicole Begg Former World champion & 15 times world medalist, has the Genuine all round Pedigree, having won the World Inline Cup Marathon series, Europes longest Single stage race the St.Gallen 111 km race in Switzerland & having placed at World championships in every track distance 300 meters T/T, 500, 1,000, 10,000 Points & 15,000 elimination races. Begg has not been beaten for almost a decade at N.Z. championships on Indoor, Road & Bank Track, with only one DQ in a points after a race by officials when she had been forced to go inside the border line or crash another opponent.

Michael will face opposition from 8 Australian senior men led by John Bueker, Harry Stogdale, Sam Evans & Paul Garriga & German Intermediate grade skater Alex Emele in the open events, but Fellow N.Z. skaters Josh Whyte Kapiti, Antony Nalder & Ollie Jones Hutt Valley & Mark McDonald Christchurch, will be right up there.

Begg will race against fellow N.Z. skater Jessica van Bentum from Wanganui, 6th in the Junior World championships 1,000 track in 2013, Rina von Berg from Switzerland, Martina Karabova from Slovakia & Paige Hartley from Australia, In the open events some of the Age grade competitors, Rebecca Smith Wanganui, Judah Kelly Dunedin, Analiese Le Roy, Tyla Smith, Jazmyn McAuley, Leah McDonald, Sophie Lowen, Boudine Brown & Ariana Snook all South Canterbury, along with Madison Hutton Christchurch, are all likely to be competitive against the International visitors.

Of Interest will also be Top Australian Master Richard Vitiello who along with Dunedin skater Brett McCormack who have been dominant in their own countries, but have not gone head to head in recent years, should be good racing.

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