The idea of a new Speed Skate brand “Made in Switzerland” was born in October 2003.


In April 2004, the first products were ready to be posted on the market and the motto “just for fun” was getting more and more popular in Switzerland. The first season was set on gaining mor experience and on the further development of the various products, based on the feedback from the skaters testing the material.


In 2005, the second season started with new and already improved material which was again thoroughly tested by the various skaters using the skates during training and various skate events.


The story continues and in March 2006 the newly called MICRO X-Tech material was launched. Not less than 30 skaters were now using our products during the new skating season. As of now, not only Swiss teams but as well foreign teams were supplied with our products and the sale was launched. In September 2006, not only the presentation of the unique Scanner Technology took place at the Skate Marathon in Berlin, Germany, but as well the introduction of a new Foot Printing Procedure which was taken to a completely different level from the ones used by other brands.


In March 2007, after several months of product testing and improvements, the products for speed skating were ready to be presented to the market, with X-Tech Skates being sold in seven countries all around Europe and Asia. In addition, the first world teams was skated for X-Tech. In June 2007 Swiss Skaters were racing for the fi rst time in China.


The success story continues … With additional teams in France, Germany and Austria, we could expand the number of X-Tech Team skaters to 60. With a total of 27 titles won this was defi nitely one of the most successful years for X-Tech Speed Skates.


New year, new look! All in white our speed teams aimed high with the goal to equalize or even outperform last year’s success. Besides several top ten rankings at World Inline Cup Races and at the European Champion Chips, the X-Tech World Team won the World Inline Cup ‘X-Race’ in Berlin and the Asian Inline Cup in Jiaxing.


E-TECH  have big international stars on the books, Nicole Begg wins Overall World Track Championship for the 4th Consecutive year, as well as overall WIC track championships, plus the WIC Chuncheon Marathon & Jeonju Marathon in Korea & WIC track event in Geisengin. Fellow N.Z. skater Pete Michael made a clean sweep of the Haining International track events & the Marathon. Then picks up bronze in the 10,000 points Elimination track event at the World champs, beating the current World record. His last lap effort to smoke Colombian star Munoz out of the last corner to give the New Zealand mens team victory in the World road relay, was a great effort. Also a great outcome for our Wheel partner MPC with Both Michael & Munoz on MPC wheels.



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