Haining International Roller Skating Festival


One Response to Haining International Roller Skating Festival

  1. Bill Begg says:

    Some good Photo’s where X=Tech MPC Ruled, with New Team Member Peter Michael
    dominated winning all the mens races. Nicole Begg after a big builup back in N.Z. for 5 weeks was a little rusty, but picked up a couple of 2nds & a third.

    Great result mens marathon with X-TECH clean sweep Peter Michael New Zealand X-
    TECH / MPC 1st, Elio Cuncu X-TECH Switzerland 2nd & Tony Duebner X -TECH Germany 3rd. Peter showed he was a class above the other competitors winning over all distances 500 track, 1,000 track, 10,000 points / Elimination track @ 1st 42 km road marathon.
    Good to see young Vanessa Bittner from our X-TECH Austrian team, our new European Cadet star racing in China, as she sets out to establish an International career.
    Cheers Bill Begg

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